Earlier this year RockRiver Expeditions met Amamaya Clothing online, drawn to each other through our love of merino wool clothing and Adventuring in the Great Outdoors.  Amamaya Clothing is a family run business that was launched to provide technical quality kit for kids from 1-12 years old. They are climbers, mountaineers, kit lovers and most recently parents of their own little adventurer.  So their kid specific designs are made to last, look good and most importantly to perform.

When it came to writing a blog about great outdoor clothing for kids we naturally turned to Laura Sweet from Amamaya and we’re really pleased that she agreed to guest blog for us.  Thanks Laura!

Why Choose Merino Wool for Kids Outdoor Clothing?

Merino wool for kids can seem extravagant cost-wise. However, when hiking, skiing or boarding our kids should have the same, if not better protection than us. Kids grow fast so there is always the temptation to buy cheap gear; base layers are no exception. However, manmade fibres just don’t compare to the comfort and fit you get from merino and here’s why.

Team Sweet at Amamaya HQ are avid wearers of merino wool and here’s why:

Merino Wool is Wicking

This means that if the wool gets wet it takes water away from the skin and stops the person wearing it from getting cold. Even when wet, merino wool retains its warmth unlike some other fibres, which can be vital when it comes to spending a full day outdoors in UK weather.

Merino Wool is Comfortable

Merino wool is super soft unlike some other wools and it’s comfortable when worn against the skin, which is the most effective way to wear a base layer.

Merino Wool is Antibacterial

This feature usually makes it suitable for children with sensitive skin or allergies. It will also take more wearing before it needs washing than synthetic fibres.

Merino Wool is Lightweight

As a natural fibre, merino wool is super lightweight. It sits snugly under additional layers without feeling bulky to wear and as far as kit goes it makes it light to pack.

Merino Wool is both Warm & Cool

It is naturally breathable and therefore helps to regulate body temperature. As kids can go from standing still to warp speed this helps them maintain a comfortable body temperature no matter what activity, from skiing, snowboarding, hiking, walking or just sat around the campfire.

Child riding on a bike wearing the Lukla merino wool baselayer from Amamaya Clothing

Merino Wool is Naturally Elastic

This natural elasticity means that it will stretch with you but retain its shape making it an ideal lasting fabric. It also looks good on for longer and is less likely to twist at the seams.

Merino Wool is Static Resistant

This makes it hang well and fit nicer than some manmade fibres.

Merino Wool is Naturally Odour & Stain Resistant

This makes it easy to care for & great for kids who like to get messy outdoors. It’s also perfect for long camping trips or wild camps, where a laundry or shower facilities aren’t always easily available.

Merino Wool is Machine Washable

You need to follow the individual care instructions carefully but merino wool is usually machine washable at 30. We always recommend a hand wash or delicate cycle as this will help your merino last longer and help to prevent bobbling.

Merino Wool is Safe

Merino is known to be fire resistant so it doesn’t melt or stick to the skin like manmade fibres, an important consideration when sitting around a campfire! It is also a natural barrier to harmful UV rays.

Overall, taking the above factors into account we felt this was the best choice of fibre to make our Lukla Base layers as it was the most kid friendly… So get your base layers on and get outdoors!

-Laura Sweet-

You can see their range of merino wool clothing here – Amamaya Clothing

Amamaya Clothing logo including a handrawn image of a mountain, the sun and the word Amamaya

Thank you to Antonina Mamzenko for allowing us to use her images.

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