It’s the 11th day of our 12 Gifts of Christmas and today is International Mountain Day.  A day set aside by the UN to highlight the threat to mountains from climate change, land degradation, over exploitation and natural disasters, as well as the consequences for local communities and the world as a whole.


Michael Goude owner of RockRiver Expeditions stood on the summit of Mt Elbrus in Russia holding his walking axe above his head in celebration


For us, mountains are our playground and our place of work.  But for 13% of the population, mountains are their home, 90% of whom are in developing countries living below the poverty line and with the threat of food insecurity.


I was in Tibet, just over the border from Nepal when the devastating earthquake hit in 2015.  Whole communities who had little to begin with, were completely wiped out taking two years or more to be rebuilt.


So on International Mountain Day 2017 we’re saying, give the gift of a Mountain to the Adventurer in your life and help a mountain community build a better future.  Book any hiking, navigation or climbing event or buy gift vouchers from RockRiver Expeditions in December and we will give 1% of sales revenue to Community Action Nepal.


CAN is a mountaineers’ charity to help mountain people to help themselves raise their standard of living and strengthen indigenous, community-based culture.


Reasons why you should get into the mountains

  • Being outdoors can be a big mood-booster
  • Exercise boosts endorphins
  • Being in nature reduces anger, fear and stress
  • Learn a new skill
  • Test your limits
  • Ignite your senses
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone helps you to deal with change


£10, £20 and £50 gift vouchers for RockRiver Expeditions


Buy a gift from us for you or a friend and support Community Action Nepal.


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