You’re going camping and want healthy, satisfying, lightweight breakfasts that’ll fuel you on your hikes.  But you’re not keen on additives or preservatives and certainly don’t want to pay over the odds for individual pots!  Our tried and tested overnight oats recipe is the perfect solution.

40g oats, dash of ground cinnamon, 4g each of freeze dried cherries and apples (available from, and 14g (heaped tablespoon) of skimmed milk powder.

Yellow plastic mug marked at the 100ml levelBefore you leave home put all of the ingredients in zip lock bags.  Using a measuring jug, mark on your camping mug where the 150ml line is.

Before you tuck yourself up in your sleeping bag at night add 150ml of water to the contents of one bag, zip up and squash to mix the contents.  In the morning you can eat it straight from the bag, or if you prefer it can be heated on the stove by sitting the bag in a pan of simmering water for a few minutes (ensure your bags are designed for boiling – check this before you leave home).  Alternatively you can wait until the morning and add boiling water to the powder mix, stir and wait a few minutes before eating.

Calories 235kcal, Carbs 39g, Fat 3g, Protein 10g and Fibre 4g.

If you have a really tough hike ahead of you just double up the ingredients.  You can vary the flavours by changing the spice and fruit combinations – try using nutmeg or ginger instead of cinnamon, or freeze dried raspberry pieces instead of cherries.  Raisins and sultanas work well too, and you can add a bit of crunch by throwing some nuts in just before you eat – they just make it a bit heavier if you’re carrying all of your kit.  If you want to be super indulgent use dried coconut flakes and a spoonful of cacao – it makes a great pudding too!

Overnight oats ready to eat with yellow plastic mug of Pukka Three Cinnamon tea and a yellow spork


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